Most freelance writers don’t have their own copy editor even though there are serious advantages to having one. Some of your clients have their own editors who will review your work, but it’s more likely that they don’t.

Just think about how many articles you’ve seen online with errors in them. Would you want your name attached to one of those? It doesn’t have to be. Here are 5 reasons for freelance writers to consider hiring their own copy editor:

Make more money

You may wonder how you can make more money if you pay someone to copy edit your work. Paying out money means less money for you, right? Not so. Jennifer Goforth Gregory, aka The Content Marketing Writer, outlines in a blog post how outsourcing proofreading/copy editing and research allows her to make almost twice as much money than when she does it all herself.

Spend more of your time writing

Many freelance writers write pretty quickly and sometimes even dictate their pieces using a speech-to-text program or app. Once the words are on paper (or on the screen), they then have to go back through it all to polish it up before submitting it to the client. And that can take much more time than the actual writing did — especially for writers who are great with words but not so great when it comes to typos or punctuation. A copy editor can take those articles and clean them up for you while you move on to writing your next piece.

Produce great copy even on your off days

There are some days when the creative juices just aren’t flowing, or a piece just isn’t coming together the way you’d like it to. That’s when having a copy editor who knows you well can make a huge difference. One of my regular clients occasionally sends me a piece to edit along with a note that says something like “Please make me sound smart!” This is an extremely intelligent woman who has multiple college degrees and makes a lot of money as a freelance writer — and she has days when the words just don’t come. Because we’ve worked together as long as we have, and I’ve learned her writing style so well, she knows she can trust me to bring even challenging pieces up to the standards her clients expect from her.

Ensure brand consistency

Being a freelance writer (especially a content or content marketing writer) means writing for many different clients, each with its own brand identity and style. Before you start writing for a client, you typically get a copy of their in-house style guide (or at least find out if there is a standard guide they follow). You also find out who their audience is, as well as the tone and voice they want to project. Some companies even go so far as to prohibit specific words from being included in any of their copy. Your copy editor will refer to that information and make sure your pieces adhere to the client’s wishes, down to the last detail.

Attract higher-paying clients

You became a writer because it’s something you love to do. But your goal is to make a living at it, right? A copy editor will help you write pieces your clients love. And when you become known for high-quality writing, you can get the clients who will pay you well to do that.


Hiring a copy editor to work with on a consistent basis can help your freelance writing career blossom into more than you ever imagined. The right copy editor can help you become a more successful writer so you can increase your rates and the demand for your services.